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First Book Signing – Barnes & Noble, Arlington, VA

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In the tradition of Das Boot and The Cruel Sea comes the greatest sea novel in a generation: An Honorable German. Uniquely told from the point of view of a heroic and deeply conflicted German U-Boat commander, this sweeping naval epic of World War II recounts his story and that of his fiancé in their struggle to survive amidst a world at war.

The story is told with such realism as to be praised in Submarine Journal by a Lieutenant in the US Navy submarine force and attention to detail so meticulous the novel was recommended to readers by MarineForum: The Magazine of the German Naval Officers Association.

The following is from an email I received in November from a young lieutenant in the USCG, presently commanding a Coast Guard cutter stationed in the US.

As a professional mariner, I was absolutely captivated by your novel. The imagery was perfect. The scenes describing action from the bridge were amazing. The commands and subsequent action of the vessel and motion of the surrounding environment were exactly how they should be, entirely realistic….

As a current commanding officer, you captured the internal turmoil of a CO to a T… I know what it is like to make instant decisions that affect the safety of my crew and my vessel. There is nothing like it and something close to impossible to put into words. You did.

Without a doubt I will be recommending this book to my friends and family not just because it is an amazing read but also to help them better understand what it is like for me as a captain.

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