Life is better in Marlboro Country.


You want to be a cowboy out in Big Sky country don’t you son? I sure do. You don’t want to sit around in an office all damn day. No, I don’t! So smoke Marlboros. Great idea.


Television wasn’t the only place cigarettes were advertised. Billboards advertising cigarettes were everywhere. Big metal signs proclaiming such and such a brand of cigarette were posted in stores. Magazines were filled with cigarette ads. And most everyplace which sold cigarettes gave you free matches and those matches were made by the cigarette companies. Very cool system when you think about it.

Although Marlboro was originally marketed to mothers with small children, associating Marlboro with the iconic symbol of the American cowboy obviously was a better way to increase sales. I would certainly like to be riding a horse out west although without the cigarette.

Big billboards advertising cigarettes used to be a comforting part of the urban landscape in America.

I guess if you were a weekend cowboy you took your girlfriend or boyfriend to your cabin on the plains and smoked Marlboros.