“When a high explosive bomb falls, any building near is likely to be destroyed and any house hit is sure to collapse.” (Good to know)

The endurance of the British under the terror of German bombing is an example to us all.

This newsreel issued the Ministry for Home Security demonstrates how an ordinary householder and his family can turn their home into an air raid shelter. You could go to your nearest Post Office and buy for three pence (at this time there were 240 pence to a pound) a helpful pamphlet which is meant to go with the newsreel.

The British weren’t as cool and calm in the German air raids of World War Two as they are made out to be because they were people just like you and me. But, given the circumstances, they were pretty damn calm about it. Their endurance in the face of terror is an example to us all.

When Your Number’s Up Then Your Number’s Is Up

I interviewed someone about three years ago who had lived in London later in the war when the bombing was intermittent.

“What did you do when the air raid siren went off?”

“We went to the basement of the building where were living.”

“Were you scared?”

“You know, our attitude at the time was when your number’s up then your number’s up.


photo courtesy of the Canadian Centre for Architecture