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An Honorable German

An Honorable GermanAn Honorable German is a World War Two naval epic told from the point of view of a heroic yet deeply conflicted German U-Boat commander in the first such novel ever written by an American or German author. Learn more…

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Book Clubs

appearances-charles-mccainI am delighted to speak to book clubs either in person, if your club is in metro DC, or by phone if your group is located elsewhere. Contact me to arrange a time.

U-Boat Questions

I am an expert in every aspect of German U-Boats and the German U-Bootwaffe in World War Two. If you are a writer, journalist, movie, or television producer and wish to consult with me on U-Boat related topics, please contact me. There continues to be an intense interest in German U-Boats although World War Two ended almost seventy years ago. The large majority of U-Boat stories and legends repeated today are not true.

The German Home Front

Mr. McCain is available to speak on topics related to the U-Bootwaffe, the Kriegsmarine, and the German Home Front during the Second World War. Additionally, he has researched and prepared a talk on the fascinating tale of German saboteurs put ashore on Long Island in 1942 which led to both J. Edgar Hoover’s last cover-up and the US Supreme Court opinion, Ex Parte Quirin — which confirmed the President’s authority to designate a person, even an American citizen, as an unlawful combatant.

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Mr. McCain has a background in radio and is available for narration, voice overs, and interviews. Samples of his speaking can be found below:

  My Great Grandfather Was Almost Eaten By Wolves
  My First Big Night of Sin
  Interview on KDSP


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