British Government Ordered Seduction of Trainee Spies

From the London Daily Mail 1 October 2014



Honeytrap: Noreen Rois was in Churchill’s secret Special Operations Executive – but her job was not to deceive foreign spies but British ones, testing them to see whether they would spill secrets to a pretty face

Special agent seductress: Her hush-hush wartime mission was to bewitch our trainee spies into spilling national secrets. Now, 70 years on, she tells her gripping story

  • Noreen Rois was in Churchill’s secret WWII Special Operations Executive
  • She would seduce trainee spies near HQ at Beaulieu estate in Hampshire
  • If they revealed too much to her, they would fail final stage of their training
  • Now 88, great-grandmother of nine tells story after revelation of ‘Agent Fifi’
  • Exploits under her given name Marie Collard released in files this week

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