If Scotland Becomes Independent Then Return the Stuarts to the Throne I Say


Royal House of Stuart

Standard of the Royal House of Stuart

(Photo courtesy of  www.flyingcolours.org)


To tell you the God’s honest truth, I have enough on my plate to say grace over and can only worry about a few things. So I haven’t been keeping up with the unwise, even incredibly stupid, campaign for the independence of Scotland.


But I read a piece about it in the NYT today (link below) and was a bit surprised that this lunacy had gone as far as it has. (Lest we be accused of interfering, the United States government has issued no public opinion on this issue).




However, I feel a certain distant interest in this matter since my family is Scotch-Irish or descendants of the Ulster Scots. Our great-great-great-great grandfather, Hugh McCain, was born in County Antrim in 1723 and came to the America colonies in 1741. (Hugh McCain is the prime ancestor of most McCains in the US).


Hugh McCain’s ancestors had been deported to Northern Ireland –in the early 1600s–with the last few of our clan fleeing to County Antrim after the massacre of most remaining male members of our Highland clan (along with dozens of children) at Glencoe by those swine of the lowlanders of Clan Campbell who were paid by the English to commit this foul deed.


Yet, since some of my ancestors, although all Presbyterian, were probably involved in raising the standard of the Catholic Royal Stuart Dynasty at Glenfinnan, (a place your servant has actually visited). Hence, I feel, not very strongly, but I feel that should the Scots achieve independence, then I demand they restore the Stuarts to the throne of Scotland.


Unfortunately, although no big surprise, the heir to the Stuart throne of Scotland is German— HRH Franz, heir to throne of Bavaria. I say no surprise since the House of Windsor came to rule Great Britain as House of Saxe Coburg Gotha.


How this happened is so complicated that I will skip over it even though I actually have a degree in European history and know what happened. Still it would take pages to explain it. Suffice it to say that the House of Saxe Coburg Gotha was Protestant. Thus, in the confusing nature of European monarchical history, the rulers of England are German.

During World War One, the British became strongly anti-German, which is hardly surprising since the Germans started the war. Therefore,  George V wisely changed the name of the dynasty from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor in 1917. A smart move I think we would all agree.


But back to the heir of the Stuart throne who in my mind should be the new king of Scotland if they become independent. As mentioned that person is Franz, Duke of Bavaria born 14 July 1933. He is known  as His Royal Highness the Duke of Bavaria, because he is heir apparent and head of the Royal House of Wittelsbach, the former ruling family of the Kingdom of Bavaria.


His great-grandfather King Ludwig III was the last ruling monarch of Bavaria and was deposed in 1918. (Not to be confused with the “Mad King Ludwig the Second” who spent all his royal revenues on extravagant buildings, thought to be architectural gems today. The Parliament declared him insane and lo an behold he just happened to die the very net day! What a coincidence).


To make this all more confusing, while Kaiser Wilhelm the Second was Emperor of Germany, he was still only King of Prussia, changed to King in Prussia at the proclamation of the German Empire in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles in 1877 after the victory over the French in the Franco-Prussian war of 1877.


So while the Kaiser became Emperor of Germany, there were still three kingdoms remaining as quasi-independent entities in Germany. These three were the Kingdoms of Bavaria, Saxony, and Württemberg—all swept away in the political upheaval in Germany following the end of the First World War.


While still living in Germany when the Nazis came to power, the Wittelsbach family were strongly opposed to Hitler. Eventually, this annoyed the Nazis so much that in 1944 all the members of the family, including then 11 year old Franz, were arrested and put into a concentration camp.


While the Royal Stuart Society recognizes Franz as the legitimate pretender to the throne as “Francis II,” HRH Franz refuses to discuss his claim to the Stuart throne. Further, as one traces the lineage back to Bonnie Prince Charlie, last blood male of the Stuart line, it is so complex and so filled with illegitimacy, madness, hidden pretenders,  morganatic marriages, affairs with Catholic clergymen, murder, drunkenness, stupidity etc. that no wonder Franz wants nothing to do with it.


Reports the Daily Telegraph of London on 12 December 2008, “…the duke’s lineage is said to be impeccable and well-documented. He is unmarried and childless, therefore his heir is his younger brother. A spokesman for the duke says: ‘HRM the Duke generally does not comment on issues concerning his familiar relationship to the Royal House of Stuart.’




So Scotland, if you go all the way, then put the true monarch on the throne—even if he doesn’t want it.  This could hardly be more ridiculous than trying to break up the United Kingdom.


German Man to Return Nazi-Looted Art

From the New York Times

26 March 2014


German Man to Return Nazi-Looted Art

By Melissa Eddymarch

BERLIN — Cornelius Gurlitt, the octogenarian hoarder of art plundered by the Nazis, will return paintings in the trove his family kept secret for decades to their original Jewish owners or those owners’ descendants, starting with a well-known Matisse,  his lawyers said on Wednesday.
Mr. Gurlitt’s lawyers are in talks to return “Seated Woman/Woman Sitting in Armchair” to the descendants of Paul Rosenberg, a French art dealer whose family recognized the work when it was made public last year.

The remainder of the article is here:


The Nazi War On Art


Of the many despicable acts performed by the evil and perverse Nazi Party, their attack on anything they believed to be “degenerate art” was among the worst. Any work on art by a Jewish artist was automatically deemed degenerate. This is a very interesting article about this appalling  anti-intellectual, anti-Semitic, anti-modern age policy.


From the New York Times


First, They Came for the Art

‘Degenerate Art,’ at Neue Galerie, Recalls Nazi Censorship




“Degenerate Art: The Attack on Modern Art in Nazi Germany, 1937,” at the Neue Galerie, opens with a quietly devastating compare-and-contrast. The walls of the narrow hallway leading onto the first gallery are covered with facing photomurals.


The image in one dates from 1938. It shows the exterior of the Haus der Kunst (House of the Arts) in Berlin where the traveling antimodernist exhibition called “Entartete Kunst” — “Degenerate Art” — has opened. The line of visitors waiting to get in stretches down the street.


The remainder of the article is here:



“Aren’t You Too Short To Be A Stormtrooper?” Amusing Eva Braun Quote On New Panties and T-Shirts


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Posted by writer Charles McCain, author of the World War Two naval epic:

An Honorable German.


“A truly epic and stirring tale of war, love, and the sea. An Honorable German is a remarkable debut novel by a writer who…seems he was an eyewitness to the history he portrays in such vivid detail. An original and surprising look at World War II from the other side.”

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Once Wealthy Neighborhood Reduced to Rubble



3 July 1945. Scene of destruction in a Berlin street just off the Unter den Linden. Photo taken by Sergeant A. Wilkes of #5 Army Film and Photographic Unit. Courtesy of the Imperial War Museum.

Prior to the war, the Unter Den Linden was sort of the Park Avenue of Berlin. Judging from the buildings, this is probably a residential street once inhabited by the wealthy.

The Magnificent Northern Lights Above Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull Volcano


The Northern Lights are seen above the ash plume of Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano in the evening


The Northern Lights are seen above the ash plume of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano on April 23rd, 2013. Photograph credit to REUTERS/Ingolfur Juliusson courtesy of the London Daily Telegraph.

This would have been a familiar sight to Allied sailors. During World War Two, Iceland served as a key staging point for Allied convoys to and from the United Kingdom and other destinations including the Soviet Union. In the seas off Iceland was the CHOP line or Change of Operational Control when the British convoy escorts under the control of Western Approaches Command, handed off convoy protection duty to the US Navy.

Both the Brits and the Americans used Iceland as a base for repairing, refueling and resupplying of warships and merchant ships. To keep the Germans from occupying Iceland and choking off the sea lanes to America, British Royal Marines occupied the Iceland in May of 1940 and were later replaced by US Marines.

We did not consult the Icelanders who behaved rather badly. One wonders what they would have thought if their German cousins had beat the Allies to the punch. Throughout the war Nazi pamphlets and propaganda were sold in Iceland legally and openly by Icelandic sympathizers of the Nazis.

Many of the locals went out of their way to be rude to the British and later American Marines. I wonder how the Waffen SS would have reacted.

The body of water known as the Hvalfjörður was used as the main anchorage by Allied ships. Often the weather was so rough and the wind so strong in the anchorage no matter what the season that ships had to keep steam on to maintain their positions and not drag their anchors. Sometimes stationary ships were making revolutions for three to four knots to simply stay in place.


A photograph taken in May 1942 from the aircraft carrier HMS Victorious of ships in the anchorage Hvalfjord, Iceland.

Original caption from the era reads: The convoy will sail at dusk. A striking silhouette of the convoy at it’s rendezvous, waiting for the order to sail. All these ships are loaded with vital war supplies for Russia. (Photograph courtesy of the Imperial War Museum)

Convoys to the Soviet Union either went to Murmansk or Archangel, the first being the only port in the Soviet Union ice-free year round. This was the most dangerous of Allied convoy routings. Ships sailed from Iceland through the Norwegian Sea to the Arctic Sea to the White Sea. For most of the voyage, these convoys would be under constant air attack by the Luftwaffe. U-Boats stalked every convoy and had great success.

85 merchant ships and 16 Royal Navy warships were sunk during the 78 supply convoys sent to the Soviet Union. Dozens and dozens more ships were severely damaged. Was it worth it? Yes. Over 80% of German soldiers killed in World War Two were killed by the Red Army and over 80% of the land engagements in the European theater were fought in the Soviet Union. Over 30 million Soviet citizens-half military and half civilian-lost their lives in World War Two.

Both the Allies and the Soviets were well aware of these figures which Stalin mentioned all the time in his dealings with the Allies. The number one strategic goal of the Anglo-Americans in World War Two in Europe was to keep the Soviet Union in the war. Strategy flowed from that reality.

The convoys to Russia were designated PQ (changed after the PQ 17 disaster) with the return convoys being designated QP. Of the several hundred convoy designations used by the Allies, this is the only one I am aware of which uses the initials of someone’s name that person being Peter Quellyn Roberts. This is a famous story in World War Two and some doubt its authenticity. Below is an excerpt from an email I received 18 months ago from the son of Captain PQ Roberts, RN.

“While he was at the Admiralty, father was involved in the organizing of the war relief convoys to Russia. My understanding was that they had run out of current numbers so he designated the next run PQ1 and then this would be reversed on the return to QP1 .
The question arose why these particular letters. Fathers name was PHILIP QUELLYN ROBERTS ……..PQR !”

So, there you have it from the horse’s mouth. The son is named, Paul Quellyn Roberts.