As A Gay Man My Heart Sings Over These Photographs Celebrating the Supreme Court ruling on Same-Sex Marriage


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Truly magnificent photo of White House lighted in rainbow colors celebrating Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage. (AP photo)




And another awesome photo of White House lighted in rainbow colors celebrating Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage. (Official White House photo)

As a gay man I can say I never believed this day would come, ever. And certainly not in my lifetime.

I don’t have anyone in my life and actually never dated a guy I wanted to marry. Yet that is insignificant before this victory and for my gay brothers and lesbian sisters everywhere in our great country who can now marry, my heart sings for you.

We remember those who went before us and suffered so much. Matthew Shepard, Billy Jack Gaither–both beaten to death. The legendary Frank Kamaney, father of the gay rights movement. Fired from his Federal job in the late 50s for being gay, he fought back, filing a motion with the Civil Service Hearing Board. Incredibly, several years later, they ruled that firing Federal employees because they were gay was illegal and ordered Kamaney reinstated with all of his years of back pay.

We remember the guys at Stonewall who battled the New York Police who were going to arrest them for being gay. That the first time gay men fought back. We remember Harvey Milk and the gay men and woman attacked in the Castro by the out of control SF police. And we remember all who died of AIDs.

We remember Australian diver Matthew Mitcham,​ the first out gay athlete at the Olympics and so many more. Sally Ride. My cousin, Nonie. Women and men expelled from the armed forces no matter how brave including several US Marines who lost limbs in Iraq. So many. We remember. We will always remember. Never again. Never again. And if somehow our basic human rights are somehow taken away, we will fight back with all the strength God will give us. I never thought I would live to see this day and I thank God that I have.

The one things that saddens this moment for gay men and women is the murder of nine African-Americans in Charleston, SC and the continued racism by whites against black Americans and other Americans and people of color. God made us all. God is perfect. Therefore all of us are perfect just as we are.

No one is truly free until we are all free to be who we are without retribution from those who hate us for whatever reason.