Sketches From a Nazi P.O.W. & Internment Camp That Held African-Americans and Others

A fascinating article from the New York Times of 10 March 2016 about Tittmoning Castle in Bavaria used by the Nazis as an internment camp for American civilians still in Germany when that country declared war on the US, including African-American jazz musicians, various other performers, Jewish men and women with American passports or passports from neutral countries.

by Eve M. Kahn


Tittmoning Castle

Prisoners either sort or open up bedding and bundles in the courtyard of Tittmoning castle. Caption and photograph courtesy of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. You can learn more about the castle in World War Two here:

Additional information from US Holocaust Museum


Sketches From a P.O.W. Camp That Held African-Americans and Others

(NY Times 10 March 2016)

“During World War II, the Nazis imprisoned African-American athletes and jazz musicians and European Jews with passports from the United States and Latin America at Tittmoning Castle in Bavaria. The black detainees had been working overseas, partly to escape racism at home, and some had European wives and children who were also taken to interment centers.

The little-known wartime deprivations of foreign nationals imprisoned by the Nazis come to life in a collection of caricatures that were drawn at Tittmoning and are on view through March 31 at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York.

The remainder of the article from the Times is here:

Sketches of African-Americans, Jewish-Americans and others interned by Nazis