Huey Long Accuses My Grandfather of Eating His Breakfast – Part 2

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Hilariously, as this article from the New York Times of December 9th, 1933 will explain, Huey Long told the US Senate that Grandfather had invited him to breakfast then stiffed him with the check. What’s more he said, Grandfather only ordered coffee but then ate most of Huey’s breakfast.

Grandfather was not the type of man to steal someone’s breakfast. While I never knew him, he was a very formal man. I’ve never seen a photograph of him, even at the beach, when he is not wearing a coat and tie. According to my uncle, Huey would come by my grandfather’s home in New York, uninvited, and phone people all over the US, leaving Grandfather with a huge long-distance phone bill. He often invited himself for dinner as well even though he only wore a rumpled suit. In that era Grandfather and the family and guests followed the custom of dressing for dinner in tuxedos. This never bothered Huey. He just sat down at the dining room table and paid no attention to how he was dressed.

According to my uncle, who was a child at the time, Huey was very friendly to him and the other children and that Huey liked children a lot.

The New York Times – 9 December 1933

Huey Long Accuses My Grandfather of Eating His Breakfast – Part 1

Part 1Part 2

Earl Long learned his trade from his older brother, Huey Long, one of great masters of the art of politics in American history. Huey was also a power-mad schemer without scruples, a scoundrel, a crook, a demagogue of the worst sort and a liar on a colossal scale. While Governor of Louisiana (1928 to 1932) he ran roughshod over the laws and constitution of the state.

My grandfather was an investment banker in New York and had dealings with Huey Long when Long was Governor of Louisiana and later Senator from Louisiana. Although my grandfather was a successful banker in New York, he grew up in Arkansas so it would have been natural for someone to have introduced the two men.

My Grandfather was Charles S McCain and I am named for him since my name is Charles L McCain. (My novel is by ‘Charles McCain’ because ‘L’ would not fit on the cover of the book.) My mother was going to name me Thomas but Grandfather was very ill at the time and the family told him I was being named for him and they were going to call me “Charlie” as his friends called him (and as my friends call me).

There isn’t a lot of imagination in my family for names since my uncle is Charles S McCain, Jr. My late father was William S. McCain. My older brother is William S. McCain, Jr. My uncle’s father, as mentioned, was Charles S McCain, his father was William McCain — as was his father.

Senator Huey Long of Louisiana. To his left is O.K. Allen who was Long’s hand picked successor as Governer after Long’s term expired in 1932. Since he was elected to the US Senate in 1930, Huey served as both Governor of Louisiana and US Senator from Louisiana at the same time. O.K. Allen was such a flunky it was said that if a leaf blew in from outside and landed on his desk, he would sign it.

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