Hitler Almost Assassinated: German Bomb Explodes in Munich in 1939 – Part 3

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Bürgerbräu beer cellar at Munich after a bomb exploded in an attempt on Hitler’s life. Daily Express, London, Thursday November 9th, 1939.

From the Daily Express of London:

6 dead, 60 hurt: Reported attempt with time-bomb

27 Minutes after Hitler ended a hysterical speech in the Bürgerbräu beer cellar at Munich last night – A speech in which he cried that he was ready for a five-years’ war with Britain – the building was shaken by an explosion which killed six members of the “old guard” of the Nazi Party & injured sixty others.

Hitler had already left & was not hurt. He left earlier than he originally intended as he was summoned back to Berlin by important state business.

The identities of the dead & injured are unknown, it is officially states, says the British United Press from Berlin this morning.

Police admitted that the explosion was due to an “explosive body,” not to a defective boiler, as was suggested at first. The official statement says that the outrage was inspired by foreign agents, & a reward of £20,000 has been offered for the delivery of the perpetrators.

[Source and Image: WW2 Resource.]

Hitler Almost Assassinated: German Bomb Explodes in Munich in 1939 – Part 2

Part 1Part 2Part 3

Bust of Georg Elser in Berlin. 16 April 2009.

The bomb was planted by Georg Elser, a dedicated anti-Nazi, to say the least. After a brief manhunt, he was arrested, thrown in a concentration camp and executed shortly before the collapse of the Third Reich. He deserves to be remembered.

It is a sad reality that many anti-Nazi Germans gave their lives resisting the Nazi takeover of Germany yet these men and women are virtually unknown. Numerous attempts were made on Hitler’s life yet he had the luck of the devil and all of the many assassination attempts against him failed.

[Image courtesy of Wikimedia.]