UXB in London: A Reminder of the Blitz


From Al Jazeera America 3.24.15



a bomb disposal expert from the Royal Logistics Corp working on defusing an unexploded (UXB) German bomb in London 3.24.15

WWII bomb prompts evacuation of thousands in London

Hundreds of Londoners were allowed to go home on Tuesday after a huge unexploded World War II bomb that kindled a “Blitz spirit” among evacuees was removed for detonation after being found by construction workers.

About 1,200 homes in Southwark, on the south bank of the River Thames near Tower Bridge, were evacuated as army bomb disposal experts examined the 1,000-pound bomb dropped by the German Luftwaffe.

Eighty people spent Monday night in hotels after being put up by the local council, which was also laying on food and hot drinks for residents plus activities for children whose schools were closed.

The police said the bomb was “made safe” and driven through the city in an army truck to a quarry outside London, where it will be detonated.

“There’s been a sense of the Blitz spirit,” said Louise Neilan, a spokeswoman for the local council in Southwark. “We’ve been trying to reassure people.”

Southwark was an industrial and commercial hub that was badly damaged during the Blitz, the German aerial campaign against Britain in 1940 and 1941 that killed some 20,000 civilians in London and was intended to cripple the country and force it to surrender.

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