Trump’s pick for attorney general: ‘Good people don’t smoke marijuana’

Sen. Jeff Sessions is a “drug war dinosaur,” advocates say.


COMMENTS CHARLES McCAIN: Senator Sessions: I like to think I am a good person. I try to be. Not sure about you but will give you the benefit of the doubt. Occasionally I smoke marijuana in jurisdictions where it is legal. Hence, I am a good person and I smoke marijuana so you are wrong in my case. Do you believe that you can judge others as to whether they are good or bad? According to the Bible, only God can do that. I won’t judge you for your silly comment. I will leave that to the Almighty.

President Obama smoked lots of marijuana when he was in high school and college. He is a good person and has been a great President. He is also a lot smarter than you. Unfortunately, Senator, and I say this as a fellow Southerner, you embody the provincialism and narrowness of world view exhibited by so many white Southerners.


One toke over the line sure feels good

Senator Sessions, as Attorney General designate, are you aware that marijuana has been proven efficacious for a number of medical conditions including chronic pain and PTSD? You may want to read up on this. Also, you may want to get a briefing on the states where recreational marijuana is legal.

I suggest you go to one of those states and smoke some bud. You may change you mind and decide enjoying a hit of marijuana might be good for you and loosen you up a little bit since you are obviously a very up-tight white guy.


Source: Trump’s pick for attorney general: ‘Good people don’t smoke marijuana’ – The Washington Post


8 People Made Honorary Citizens of the US


1 of the 8 is Britain’s greatest leader and the savior of Western Civilization, Sir Winston Churchill.



Churchill greeting President Franklin D Roosevelt at the Quebec Conference in Canada, 11 September 1944.

photo courtesy of Imperial War Museum


I have seen numbers ranging from 2 to 6 but according to this official page of the US Senate, there are eight honorary citizens of the United States.

One of the eight, and the most important as far as I am concerned, is Sir Winston Churchill.


They are:

Bernardo de Gálvez
Casimir Pulaski
Marquis de Lafayette
Mother Teresa
William and Hannah Callowhill Penn
Raoul Wallenberg
Winston Churchill


Churchill Visits Bombed Plymouth

WINSTON CHURCHILL DURING THE SECOND WORLD WAR IN THE UNITED KINGDOM (H 9265) Winston Churchill is cheered by workers during a visit to bomb damaged Plymouth on 2 May 1941. The Prime Minister was accompanied by Lady Nancy Astor, Lord Mayoress of Plymouth, on this visit, who can be seen behind Churchill. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:

Winston Churchill is cheered by workers during a visit to bomb-damaged Plymouth on 2 May 1941. This was one of many morale-boosting visits he made across Britain. Public opinion polls, then in their infancy, show that between July 1940 and May 1945, never less than 78 per cent of those polled said they approved of Churchill as prime minister. The Prime Minister was accompanied by Lady Nancy Astor, Lord Mayoress of Plymouth, on this visit, who can be seen behind Churchill. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:  

Comments Charles McCain: Nancy Astor, shown in the photograph, was an arch appeaser of the Nazis. The unofficial name for the powerful appeasers of Hitler in Great Britain was “the Cliveden Set.” Cliveden was her country home.

She was, however, the first women elected to the British Parliament and she was actually an American citizen till she married Vincent Astor, subsequently Lord Astor. She and Churchill disliked each other greatly.

Supposedly she is the person who was subjected to Churchill’s withering put-down after she accused him at a dinner party (not in Parliament) of being drunk:

“Winston, you are drunk, and what’s more you are disgustingly drunk.”

“My dear you are ugly, but tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be ugly.”

However, like some of the best quotes in history, there is a disagreement over whether he actually said this and to whom he said it. According to this story in the Independent, Churchill may have said this Nancy Astor or to Bessie Braddock, a Labour member of Parliament or never actually said it at all. Details in this story from the Independent.






RN Ships Sunk Java Sea WW2 destroyed by illegal scavenging

HMS Exeter one of the heroes of the Battle of the Rio Plata coming dockside at Plymouth in February 1940. The ship was badly damaged during the engagement in December of 1939.

The ships which have been destroyed by salvage are war graves and this is an international crime. All naval ships mentioned were sunk in February/March 1942 during the Battle of the Java Sea or the following Battle of the Sundra Strait.

Ten allied ships were sunk in these engagements and more than 3,000 Allied sailors perished. Those who were captured by the Japanese were tortured, starved, beaten and some beheaded. These ships formed the naval arm of the combined ABDA Command–American, British, Dutch, Australian–led by Dutch Admiral Karel Doorman of the Royal Netherlands Navy.

Operating with limited intelligence on Japanese fleet movements, without air cover, outnumbered and outgunned, Doorman and the allied ships under his command fought with great bravery and ferocity against the Japanese invaders.

Three of the sunken ships–all sunk at the Battle of the Sundra Straits— are HMS Exeter, one of the trio of ships which had thrashed the Admiral Graf Spee at the Battle of the Rio Plata in December of 1939, USS Houston, an American  treaty cruiser which was a favorite ship of President Roosevelt and one he used on several occasions, and HMAS Perth, an Australian light cruiser who went down at the side of the USS Houston in a point blank duel with Japanese warships.


Admiral Karel Doorman, seen here as a Lt. Commander in an official photo taken in 1930,  was killed on 28 February 1942, aboard his flagship De Ruyter, which was sunk in the Battle of the Java Sea. He was a brave man and a gallant naval warrior.

These war graves were disturbed and the ships salvaged and sold for scrap with the full knowledge of the different levels of the Indonesian government, either provincial or national. It is outrageous and offensive that the government of Indonesia has allowed this to happen and has done nothing.

Thank you to my special correspondent in New Orleans, Bob Warren, for bringing this to my attention.

From the Guardian of London

Source: British second world war ships in Java Sea destroyed by illegal scavenging

Exclusive: 3D mapping report of sea off Indonesia, seen by the Guardian, shows large holes in the seabed where ships used to be