Muriwai Beach in New Zealand Is Place I Want to Visit

///Muriwai Beach in New Zealand Is Place I Want to Visit

Muriwai Beach in New Zealand Is Place I Want to Visit

I love Muriwai Beach in New Zealand. And who wouldn’t? If it were practical for me to live there part-time, I think I would give it a try.


Early morning surfers on Muriwai Beach. 20 February 2010

Muriwai Beach Peaceful

Since this is public land it is regulated by the Government of New Zealand which does not allow the consumption of alcohol within the large nature preserve of Muriwai Beach. That makes it even more appealing. True, I was a reprobate when I was a youth and I got drunk a lot but I lived in New Orleans and got drunk in bars where one is supposed to get drunk. I don’t want my repose to be interrupted by a bunch of drunks of any age. How peaceful this must be.


Muriwai is a  magnificent beach is 60 km long and a favorite of bird watchers and surfers.

Muriwai Beach (11 January 2005)

This is the most dangerous beach for swimming and surfing in New Zealand. Muriwai volunteer lifeguard service saves as many as 700 people a year from drowning. Almost no one has drowned in 66 years in the areas of the beach under the supervision of the Muriwai Volunteer Lifeguard Service.

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