Says Wrong Thing Union Cannonball Takes Head

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Says Wrong Thing Union Cannonball Takes Head

While complaining about probability of being killed, his head removed by cannonball

Artillerymen from Ft. Riley fire a replica of the 1855 model 3-inch cannon, 2012. (official US Army photo)

“Captain William McCaslan of Second Florida Infantry–Princeton class of 1854— led a gallant attack by Florida troops — after Pickett’s charge, during the Battle of Gettysburg. Having survived this exercise in futility, he rode back to Confederate lines with a fellow officer.

As he went, McCaslan spoke of battles yet to come — “and it seems impossible to pass in safety through them all,” he said glumly. At that moment a cannonball hit his head.”

Paragraphs above quoted from:

More than two hundred Princeton graduates served in the Confederate Army although a complete list has never been compiled according to this article.

Cannon Balls

stack of Civil War cannonballs. It sure would hurt to get hit in the head by one of these.

(photo by Nedra/Flickr)

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