Cell Phone Pistol Coming Soon!

I seriously wonder why someone needs a pistol disguised as a cell phone unless you are in the CIA or a plainclothes police officer of some sort. You can easily get a permit in most states to carry a concealed pistol (concealed carry) and in many states you don’t need a permit you can simply “conceal carry” if you wish.

But these :”cell phone” pistols will be on sale to the general public soon according to www.alloutdoor.com/2017/03/09/ideal-conceal-call-phone-pistol

The question is why the sale of such firearms is legal. Why do people need to own a firearm which is disguised as a cell phone? So you sneak it into various places? So you will feel more manly or empowered? Just carry a real pistol. Don’t pussyfoot around and carry a disguised pistol to fool others since there is no reason to do this.

As a gun owner, I understand the strong feelings on the subject of “conceal carry” and “open carry.” I think a person should have to get a permit which would include a screening for drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, spousal abuse and other associated activities. If these events happened in someone’s life years back that is one thing. If you are separated from your spouse and there is a restraining order against you, I’m not sure if you giving you a permit to carry a pistol concealed or open is a wise idea.

A standard response is, “you can kill someone with your car just as easily as killing them with a pistol and we don’t put restrictions on cars.” Actually we do. You have to have a driver’s license and prove you can see and drive. And while you can easily kill someone with a car, it isn’t disguised as a something else. Everyone knows it is a car.

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