Metro DC Blue Line Re-Opened Today


Demand is so high for Metro service in DC that a passenger finds a unique place on the train to enjoy his commute


The subway system in metropolitan Washington DC serves two states, VA & MD, and the District. Inadequate funding and incompetent management have brought the Metro (as we call here) to the verge of collapse. A new general manager was brought in 6 months ago and suddenly crews are working night and day to fix problems even closing down entire lines which hasn’t been done before.

the Blue Line’s new side-of-car reduced fare is very popular

The Blue Line, which I frequently use, was closed for several weeks and reopened today with a number of improvements. The most unusual is the reduced fare side-of-car platform designed to appeal to the budget minded and students. If you stand on the outside platform you have 60% off the standard fare and 30% off the rush hour fare. The introduction of this new method will reduce interior crowding of subway cars and I am all in favor of that.



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