Slate: Two Marines are under investigation for posting an anti-gay threat on Facebook.  

It’s easy to be a threatening macho man when you are holding an M4 assault rifle. But what is this jarhead trying to prove? That he isn’t gay?

Just a reminder you homophobic devil dog, we taxpayers who are gay provide a portion of your pay and benefits. 


Source: Two Marines are under investigation for posting an anti-gay threat on Facebook.


Comments Charles McCain:  “The US Marines are better than this and it pains me that two jarheads would be so stupid as to post this wildly insulting and belittling and threatening photo. Fortunately the US Marine Corps is investigating this damaging and vituperative post.

I hope these two fools are thrown out of the Corps. I wonder what this dimwit is trying to prove? That he is a macho man? It’s easy to be macho with an M-4 rifle in your hands.

Presumably he meant this to be a joke about the murder of 49 human beings, most gay, in Orlando on 11 June 2016. Sadly, straight men secure in their sexuality don’t feel the need to belittle gay guys. I wonder if this twerp has been going down on other Marines and wants to prove he is straight?

I have great respect and admiration for almost all of the men and women in the US Marine Corps as well as for the record of valor shown by the Marines throughout our history as a nation.  I think most Americans do.

While I think the Iraq War was a tragic and unnecessary use of the American military by George Bush, the Marines followed orders and their dedication and bravery in both Iraq and Afghanistan have already become legend.

No one in the Marine Corps needs to prove they are tough guys. We all know that. I’ve known some gay Marines who were just as tough as any straight Marines.

What also burns me is the vast majority of straight and gay US taxpayers dutifully pay our taxes to the US Government and a large portion of our tax money is appropriated to pay the costs of the American military including the US Marine Corps. Hopefully, the command echelon of the Marine Corps, which is commendably conducting an investigation into this, will remind Marines that they are being supported by the taxpayers of the USA including gay taxpayers.

Yes, we gay people are paying our share of US Federal taxes to fund the monthly pay and benefits of each US Marine.


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