US Marines Firing New Howitzer

US Marines Firing M777 howitzer

 The M777 howitzer is a towed 155 mm artillery piece, since 2005 successor to the M198 howitzer in the United States Marine Corps and United States Army. The M777 is also used by the ground forces of Canada and Australia. It made its combat début in the War in Afghanistan.

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M777 Light Towed Howitzer in service with the 10th Mountain Division in support of Operation Enduring Freedom , Logar Province, Charkh District, Afghanistan. (Official photo US Dept of Defense)



M777 howitzer, seen from rear.

 Artillerymen with Gun 3, Guns Platoon, Battery K, 3rd Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, based out of Marine Corps Base, Twentynine Palms, Calif., fire-off a round with the newly fielded M777 Lightweight 155-millimeter Howitzer Monday at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center. (Official US Department of Defense photograph)

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