To Protect Your Privacy, Give Strangers and Merchants & Facebook This Address

/To Protect Your Privacy, Give Strangers and Merchants & Facebook This Address

To Protect Your Privacy, Give Strangers and Merchants & Facebook This Address

Writes Cyber-security Expert Bruce Schneier in his latest book, Data and Goliath: the Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World (which I highly recommend), when someone who has no business to know asks him for his home address he replies:

“9800 Savage Road, Columbia, MD  20755.  This is, he says, “the address of the National Security Agency.”

nsa-utah-data-center-2014 (1)

This is a photograph of what the NSA describes as, “Our Utah ‘massive data repository’ [which] is designed to cope with the vast increases in digital data that have accompanied the rise of the global network.”

Uh, what global network would that be? All of them? The entire internet? According to at least half a dozen books and experts the answer is yes.

According the website of the National Security Agency’s Directorate of Domestic Surveillance, a dangerous and out of control division of the already out of control NSA, this “stunning photograph” above comes from their policy of openness and transparency.

As they explain in most condescending manner imaginable: “As proof of our genuine concern for privacy protection, we recently gave permission for several privacy groups to fly their little blimp over our massive data center. We would like to thank these airborne privacy pioneers for the stunning photo below of our impressive facility. By allowing harmless publicity stunts like these, we can have our data and store it too.”

My first reaction: Fuck you. To the author of this revolting tripe, I say you are sinister and evil person with no respect for the Constitution of the United States. You and your slimy co-workers at the NSA aren’t protecting us from the greatest threat to our freedom as American citizens. Why? Because it isn’t ISIS and other terrorists who threaten our liberty the most. It is you and the goons of the National Security Agency. Yes, you at the NSA have become the greatest threat to our liberty and freedom as Americans.

Because of your massive, and often illegal data collection of anything and everything Americans (and everyone else in the world) do, say, write, buy, or travel to, you have stripped us of our rights to privacy under the Constitution. NSA also breaks the laws of the European Union on a regular basis. Then again, as one of the previous 4 star general who commanded the agency said, his motto was, “collect everything.” Note, the the NSA is a “dual hatted” command since the 4 star general who commands this monstrous entity is also the head of US Cyber Command.


The most chilling US Government photograph I have ever seen. This is the entrance to the massive NSA data storage facility in Utah, the first of three. Read what the sign says below the “welcome message.”

“If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.” 

This was, by the way, almost exactly word for word what the Nazis kept saying as they established their police state in the Third Reich. You can draw you own conclusion.  

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