Porker Kim Jong Un, the Evil Fat Boy of North Korea.


Kim-Jong-Un, the obese and undisciplined slob is the strongman, or fat man, of North Korea. He is worshiped like a god in North Korea. I think we should take every opportunity to laugh at him and point out how fat he is. Dictator’s never have a sense of humor. 

While hard to believe, this slob is even more incompetent than his father. Food shortages continue to grow in this kingdom of insanity known as North Korea. And this human pig, somehow stays in power because the people around him are too afraid to kill him.

Hey Fatso, yes, I mean you, Kim-Jong-Un. You’re a spoiled, fat boy. Everyone around the world and even in your own country probably snickers when they see how very fat you are. Your people starve but you stuff your fat face 24/7. Have you no shame? Well, of course not. You don’t believe all the bullshit people say to you about what a genius you are?

We’ve sent lots of planes and ships to South Korea. If you’re nice, we’ll give you a dozen or so sugary cakes and pies.


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Charles McCain

Charles McCain is a Washington DC based freelance journalist and novelist. He is the author of "An Honorable German," a World War Two naval epic. You can read more of his work on his website: http://charlesmccain.com/