Bell of the mighty HMS Hood recovered

Mighty HMS Hood’s bell recovered from sea bed after 74 years 


recovered ship’s bell of HMS Hood 

on 10 August 2015, the bell of HMS Hood was located and salvaged with funds provided by Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen, who paid all the costs to both locate the wreck of the HMS Hood and to retrieve the bell of HMS Hood.


The bell is lifted from the sea-bed by the robot submarine.
(Courtesy of Paul G Allen)

The symbol of the battle-cruiser, which lies more than a mile and a half down on the bottom of the Denmark Straight, was recovered by team led by Microsoft founder and philanthropist Paul G Allen.

Three years ago the American was thwarted in his efforts to pick up the bell by the weather in the waters between Iceland and Greenland.

This summer he returned with his yacht Octopus and its state-of-the-art robot submarine from the same firm, Blue Water Recoveries, which found the Hood’s wreck back in 2001.

Now the 18in-high bell, which was cast for the previous battleship of the same name, will be restored and placed on display at the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth.”

This was clearly a special bell for a special ship and it will forever serve as a fitting memorial to the mighty Hood – and a reminder of the service and sacrifice of her men

David Mearns, director of the maritime salvage firm, Blue Water, who did the work to the find the bell.

from the website of the British Royal Navy

Official Royal Nay site hms-hood-bell-recovered


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