The Integration of Immigrants into American Society




Fascinating report from National Academy of Sciences.

Executive summary: immigrants today are integrating into mainstream American society faster then any generation of immigrants heretofore. 

“Overall, the panel found that current immigrants and their descendants are integrating into U.S. society. Across all measurable outcomes, integration increases over time, with immigrants becoming more like the native-born with more time in the country, and with the second and third generations becoming more like other native-born Americans than their parents were. In many realms—educational attainment, occupational distribution, income, residential integration, language ability, and living above the poverty line—immigrants also increase their well-being as they integrate with the native-born. However, immigrants’ well-being declines in three other areas as they become more similar to native-born Americans—health, crime, and the percentage of children growing up with two parents.

“In comparison with native-born Americans, the report says, immigrants are less likely to die from cardiovascular disease and all cancers, and they experience fewer chronic health conditions, have lower infant mortality and obesity rates, and have a longer life expectancy. However, over time and generations, these advantages decline as their health status converges with that of the native-born population.”

The five page summary of the report is here:

summary of report on integration of immigrants


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