Happy Nazi Family With Their Volkswagen & Radio in Propaganda Photo

Erholung am Flussufer

The famous VW Beetle, designed by Hitler and Ferdinand Porsche, was never actually produced for civilian use in the Third Reich except  a handful for propaganda purposes and five-hundred heavy duty beetles produced for the Wehrmacht.

Note the radio in the forefront of the photograph. Given this is a posed propaganda photograph, the placement of the radio in such a prominent place wasn’t an accident. The Nazis realized the revolutionary impact radio could have on seizing and keeping power and they used it with great skill.

The Third Reich pushed industry to manufacture inexpensive radios so each family could afford one. The cheapest was 35 Reichsmarks which was about a week’s pay for a working man so it wasn’t that cheap. This radio was known as the  Volksempfänger  or “people’s receiver.” Several other models were made which were more expensive.

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