Russian ambassador accuses Poland of starting the Second World War


Soviet cavalry on parade in Lviv, after the city’s surrender to the Red Army during 1939 Soviet invasion of Poland. The city, then known as Lwów, was annexed by the Soviet Union and today is part of the Ukraine.

Fury as Russian ambassador accuses POLAND of starting the Second World War even though country suffered millions of casualties during conflict

  • Sergei Andreev said Poland was ‘co-responsible’ for devastating conflict
  • Claimed nation didn’t do enough to stop Hitler in run-up to 1939 
  • Both Russia and Nazi Germany invaded Poland within weeks of each other 
  • Warsaw criticised Andreev, accusing him of Soviet-style disinformation

By Kieran Corcoran

“The Russian ambassador has set off a diplomatic firestorm with the outrageous accusation that Poland was responsible for the outbreak of the Second World War.

Sergei Andreev – the Kremlin’s representative in Warsaw – argued that Poland was ‘co-responsible’ for the devastating conflict, despite arguably being its greatest victim.
The Baltic nation was subject to two consecutive invasions inside of three weeks in 1939, a series of events which dragged Britain into the conflict and ended the policy of appeasement.
First Nazi Germany stormed into Poland from the west, followed just 16 days later by a Soviet Union army from the east.”

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