Why Are These People Cheering? Only 17% of U of Miss $$$ from State


Ole Miss fans waving Confederate flags at Ole Miss football games in the 1990s. (photo courtesy of AP) While constantly said to be the Confederate flag by ignorant fools, journalists, politicians et al, this is the 2nd Confederate Navy Jack which flew from the jackstay (on the bow) of ships of the Confederate navy when they were at sea.


Waving any sort of Confederate flag at University of Mississippi football games  is now hard to do since the late 1990s when the school limited the size of any flag or banner a person or persons want to bring to the stadium. Nonetheless, like football fans everywhere, especially in the South, Ole Miss supporters are fanatical. Unfortunately they don’t seem very fanatical when it comes to the constant cuts made by the state legislature to the annual budget of the University of Mississippi.

According to the website of the Univeristy of Mississippi Foundation, the state only provides 17% of the University’s funding. This is better than my home state of South Carolina where the state supplies less then 7%. They used to fund it at almost 100% for decades.





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