B29 Superfortress at bottom of Lake Mead Nevada


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The American southwest is in the midst a catastrophic drought.

It’s so bad, in fact, that it’s caused Lake Mead — a massive oasis in the middle of Majove Desert, formed by the Hoover Dam — to recede to the lowest levels ever seen. As of June, water levels were 154-feet below normal.

For the adventurous few, the lower water level is a chance to get closer to history than ever before — up close and personal with a B-29 bomber that has sat on the lake bed for over 70 years.

Today, over 70 years later, the plane remains untouched on the bottom of Lake Mead. Thanks to falling water levels, it’s becoming easier to find and explore.”

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B29 Superfortress at bottom of Lake Mead Nevada massive-world-war-ii-bomber-at-the-bottom-of-lake-mead-nevada- now accessible because of drought

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