Kim Jong Un or FATSO, Evil Dictator Pig of North Korea


FATSO, the evil dictator pig of North Korea and whose people are beaten down slaves of this pig. Kim Jong Un on what appears to be one of his many pleasure craft observing the test of a new SLBM, May 9, 2015.


With most North Koreans malnourished, FATSO hasn’t missed a meal in years. What a fat and disgusting and evil slob. Kim Jong Un with the SINPO-class experimental ballistic missile submarine in the background, May 9, 2015.


Satellite image shows the outline of North Korea where there are no lights. South Korea is below obviously and China is to the North. Japan is the right or the east. Hard to believe that North Korea is so undeveloped that it is pitch dark with almost no lights since there is very little electricity.

Kim Jong Un’s father and grandfather were greedy, piggish, megalomaniacs like FATSO. Power was all they wanted and if the people starved who cared? Much of the food aid which was sent to North Korea was stolen by the military and sold on the black market.

President Obama continued the policy of President Bush of sending food aid to North Korea but then the NKs refused to allow international inspectors to observe the food distribution Obama ended the food shipments.

This is a rouge regime of great danger to the West.

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