Once A Grenadier Always A Grenadier


The buttons on the uniform of a Grenadier Guardsman are arranged in a single line with no spaces.  Other Royal Regiments of Foot have different spacing. The Coldstream Guards, for instance, have their buttons arranged in pairs with a slight space between each pair.

While better known for standing guard in their Victorian era uniforms outside of Buckingham Palace, the First or Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards is one of the elite units of the British Army and has fought in almost every major engagement conducted by the British Army in the last 350 years.



“In 1998 they trained in the United States of America, were on operations in Northern Ireland in 1999, conducted training in Canada in 2000 and Norway in 2001, served in Northern Ireland in 2001 and were in Canada again in 2002. They trained in Kenya and served in the Falklands in 2003.

In the winter of 2004/05 they deployed to Bosnia on peace keeping duties and in 2006 were on operations in Iraq. In 2007 the 1st Battalion was deployed on active service in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, and in September 2009 it returned there again for a further 6 month operational tour and returned in March 2010. In the first quarter of 2012 the 1st Battalion once again deployed to Helmand Province and returned by the end of October. It had a successful tour but at the cost of 5 Grenadiers killed in action and 45 battle casualties of varying degrees of seriousness.”

source:   official website of Grenadier Guards


British Soldiers from the Grenadier Guards Regiment fire at Taliban insurgents during a fighting patrol into Taliban territory

Grenadier Guards in firefight with Taliban in Afghanistan

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