Utah Set to Restore Firing Squad As Execution Method

Utah: Governor Is Sent Bill to Restore Executions by Firing Squad as a Backup

from New York Times 3.12.15

“Utah, the only state in the past 40 years to carry out a death sentence by firing squad, is poised to bring back the executions if the state cannot find drugs used in lethal injections. The Republican-controlled state Legislature gave final approval to the proposal Tuesday night as a backup plan as states struggle to find execution drugs amid a nationwide shortage. Gov. Gary Herbert, a Republican, has declined to say if he will approve the bill. If he signs it, Utah would become the only state to allow executions by firing squad if there is a drug shortage.”


Comments Charles McCain:  If the state is going to execute someone, there is no way to make such a brutal process easier. Of lethal injection, hanging, electrocution and firing squad, is one really more humane than the other? I think we use lethal injection since it seems more civilized which is bullshit.


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