Car Won’t Fit in Garage Because of Clutter

A study of middle class families in Los Angeles cited in the New York Times says only 1 in 4 of these Angelenos can actually get their car into their garage. 



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A man who was stressed out, recently divorced, depressed, drinking way too much alcohol and using drugs, felt dramatically better after he got rid of 80% of his belongings.

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According to this interesting and amusing piece in the New York Times, we are all being driven mad by clutter.

Downsizing is in– even though that doesn’t always help. I know this for a fact. I survived cancer five years ago. Alas, it took me four and 1/2 additional years to get over the fatigue caused by the chemotherapy, fatigue so bad I couldn’t work.

Because of the obvious financial problems this caused,  I had to sell my relatively large apartment and move to  a small rental apt that is only 1/3 the size. I tossed more stuff in the move. Even some things I wanted and inadvertently threw away.

I rented a storage unit and put my excess books and furniture in that and took only a small amount of stuff with me.Unfortunately, being forced to sell my home for financial reasons only made me more depressed not less.

Still, I feel like my small apartment is cluttered even though there isn’t much in it. I think that has to do with scattering books on the floor and throwing crumpled paper everywhere when I am writing. So even though I have downsized, I haven’t de-cluttered enough.

The guy who miraculously changed his life referred to above now writes a blog about how you can change your life by getting rid of most everything you own. He has 4 million readers. Wow. You have no idea how much better I would feel if I had 4 million readers instead of one hundred but then again I write this blog to relieve my own stress.

The minilmalists’ blog is here:

Apparently you will find Nirvana this way. Hope so.

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