Mt Fuji and Sydney Taken By My Cousin Jack

Cool Photos by My First Cousin Jack Rahner, pilot and all around Super Guy

Mt. Fuji


My very cool first cousin, Jack Rahner, is a pilot and has flown to almost every country in the world. He does a lot of flying in China these days. He snapped this photo of Mt Fuji on his way back from Hong Kong.

In his forty year career in aviation, Jack has also flown dozens of different types of aircraft from four engine jetliners, to C-47s, to helicopters to small jets, prop planes, medium jets, you name it.

He is the exemplar of the aviation adage: “there are old pilots and there are bold pilots but there are no old, bold pilots.”

I’m a few years younger than Jack and always thought he was cool my entire life because at a young age he could scuba dive, had his own motorcycle, and later became a pilot. (Although his brothers are cool as well. In fact, all of my cousins are cool and I love them all).

Jack, you are the best!!!


Sydney Dec 2014

And here is a pic Jack took in Sydney on Christmas Day when he was boating–which I guess is obvious. You can see the beautiful and iconic opera house at the right.

(I have a good friend from Sydney who lives in DC with her husband who is Belgian. Her apartment in Sydney is just a few blocks from the famous Bondi Beach. He is a fanatic wind surfer. They are both funny and brilliant. She is the one who showed me the hilarious clip about the Bondi Beach lifeguard who does not like to get his hair wet. You can find that clip on my blog here:


My cousin, Jack, whose full first name is Jackson, is named for the famous Olympic gold medalist runner, Jackson Scholz, who married an aunt on his father’s side (we are maternal cousins) and lived across the street from Jack and his family. Scholz (who had no children) was in essence a grandfather to the three boys. Jack inherited much of Scholz’s Olympic memorabilia including his gold medals which I have held in my hands.

Jackson Scholz and his  Olympic Career


Scholz was made famous in the movie Chariots of Fire released in 1981.

The movie depicts the 1924 Olympics. As an aside, one of the amusing things about this movie is between races the runners would stand on the sidelines and smoke cigarettes! Scholz won a silver medal in the 1924 Olympics.

During his running days Jackson Scholz won a two Olympic gold medals and a silver medal.


This instrumental and opening clip from the movie became more famous than the movie itself although the movie won 4 Academy Awards.

Clip courtesy of HD Film Film Tributes


Brad Davis as Jackson Scholz in Chariots of Fire. 

(photo courtesy

Davis is best known for his role in Midnight Express. Sadly he died of HIV in 1991.

Cousin Jack told me that Jackson Scholz liked the movie but there was a fair amount of poetic license taken including a few scenes about him which didn’t happen and that sort of annoyed him but did not ruin his enjoyment of the movie.

I met Jackson Scholz once or twice as a child and he was a nice man who made his living written sports books for youngsters and became quite well known for that. He signed one of his books for me which I could now probably sell on eBay for a lot of money but I lost it. (I was 12 when he gave it to me).

Life is very curious.

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