Out of Control Frat Parties and Spring Break


U of Mich frat party 1949


Raucous frat party U of Mich 1949. These young people are smoking cigarettes! Call the police.  Photo by Stanley Kubrick for Look magazine.

Incredibly, while at Tulane Homecoming last month, I learned you cannot smoke anywhere on campus. We smoked in class!




Out of control frat guys at Univ Delaware learning to dance”Hokey Pokey” at the Delta Tau Delta house Spring of 1955.





In these modern times, young women even get arrested during spring break which I don’t recall was a feature of the 1970s.

Out of Control Spring Break Party 2014

still from movie Spring Breakers said by a reviewer to be one of the worst movies made in recent memory.

spring break arrest

Drunk Frat Guy

more of a standard scene from spring break I would say. Drunk frat guy running around naked gets arrested although this photo is from Sweden I think.

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