Do You Think?

“Do You Think?”

Occasional posts on the media in which the obvious is stated but can’t be confirmed. 

3 Missing Afghan Soldiers Found At Canadian Border

From New York Times of 9.22.14

Three Afghan soldiers in the United States on a training exercise were located Monday at a Canadian border crossing near Niagara Falls, two days after disappearing from a Massachusetts shopping mall, officials said Monday.

The soldiers were taken into custody at the Rainbow Bridge crossing, the authorities said. There was some speculation that the three were trying to defect. (Really? Well I never heard of such a thing.)



Maid of the Mist Sight Seeing Boat at Niagara Falls.

(photo courtesy of


ABC News of 9.23.14

the three Afghan soldiers who went AWOL from Joint Base Cape Cod over the weekend stopped at a strip club,” local police told ABC.  The ‘all-nude exotic entertainment’ by beautiful young women who have inadvertently lost all their clothing, is featured at Zachary’s Pub, also on Cape Cod.

(You can also play pool, Keno and draft beer is only $4. When I was a youth draft beer was twenty-five cents!)

After spending the evening ogling the young women who had lost their clothes and presumably drinking a few brewskis, the three soldiers departed. The next day they went to the Cape Cod Mall to buy clothes less conspicuous than Afghan military uniforms. (Ogling is the correct spelling. I had to look it up).



(photo courtesy of Library of Congress)

“AWOL? Defect? Desertion? Us? No way. We just wanted to go a titty bar, have a few beers and see Niagara Falls. Trying to cross the border into Canada happened by accident. The whole thing has been blown way out of proportion,” one of the men probably would have said had he thought of it.


And to top off my first post of “Do You Think” is this story containing the standard comments neighbors always make about someone who has broken the law.

Neighbors Always Make These Comments

New York Times 9.23.14

I am forever amazed that when someone does something slightly nuts, or worse, the neighbors inevitably say what a nice guy he was and this spans the list from mass murderers to the guy who jumped the fence at the White House and ran for the front door. (Fortunately, one of the Secret Service officers woke up and thought the running man looked suspicious.)

Without a doubt, I’m sure the guy who jumped the White House fence was all that the neighbors say he was. It’s just that the neighbors of any person who breaks the law in such a way that it makes the national news always say roughly the same thing about the person.

“To his neighbors in this military town at the edge of Fort Hood, Omar Gonzalez was friendly and big-hearted, an Iraq war veteran who read stories to the neighborhood children and was quick to respond whenever someone needed help carrying groceries or a jump-start for a troublesome car.”





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