Prize Money Still Paid to Royal Navy Warships in World War One


Naval History net is a very interesting source of detailed information on the Royal Navy. Recently came across this interesting bit about prize money paid out in World War One.

From NavalHistoryNet:

“In World War One, Royal Navy warships still received Prize Bounty Money for the sinking or capture of enemy ships. Warships and auxiliaries also received Salvage Money for saving ships, cargoes and ship’s boats.


HM Tug Grappler

(photo courtesy of naval history net)


“This information, taken from contemporary editions of the London Gazette (editions are in brackets), is interesting in its own right. Of far more interest is that it records significant events in the wartime careers of small ships, often HM trawlers and tugs, which would not otherwise receive a mention. Also some crews, such as HM Tug Grappler  must have become quite well-off with all their salvage successes.”



The following issue of the London Gazette carries a Notice of Intended Distribution of Naval Salvage Money

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