Miss Catfish in the New York Times


Catfish Museum Belzoni MS

Three of my fraternity brothers and the wife of the hefty one. We had stopped at the Catfish Museum on our way back to civilization after attending the wedding of another fraternity brother of ours in another little town up the road. I took the above photo out of an excess of Christian charity which is why I am not in it.

(photo by Charles McCain)

It was also at least 100 degrees since this was August.

I have fond memories of the Catfish Museum. Said institution is located in Belzoni, which is a small town, a very small town, in the Delta of Mississippi. This little town is so far from everywhere that even the people who live there don’t know where it is.

Imagine my surprise to find an entire article in the New York Times last week about the famous county fair in Neshoba County, Mississippi. To your servant’s even greater surprise, I learned that the beauty queen who won the Miss Catfish contest is from Belzoni!

Unfortunately, Miss Catfish has obviously been eating too many fried catfish with fried hush puppies since she is quite a hefty gal for a beauty queen but it is hard to find a slender woman in the Great State of Mississippi.


Senator Cochrane does not seem impressed by the beauty of Miss Catfish

The Hon. Thad Cochran, US Senator from Mississippi shares the stage with Miss Catfish.

the entire article is here

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