Katy Parry Sings at White House Someone Just Told Me



The Hon. Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama

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From Eonline.com:

“We have just one of my favorite people performing tonight—Katy Perry,” Obama introduced the night’s musical entertainment. “We are so grateful to her.”  

“I love Katy Perry,” he added. “She is just a wonderful person. I’ve just met her mom and now I know why she is such a wonderful person, but I just want everybody to know she is on tour right now and so for her to take time out to do this is really special, and so we really want to say thank you to her for doing this.”



As my handful of regular readers know, I don’t follow popular culture very closely since I’m busy learning the popular culture of another society–in this case Great Britain in WW Two–so I don’t have time to do both.

I revealed my ignorance in a recent blog post in which I recounted talking to a nice young guy at Filter Coffee House in DC, my home away from home, and learned he was a side guitarist for someone named Katy Perry.

Since I had never heard of her he politely explained who she was. Later I learned from friends that Katy is one of the most famous singers like, ever! 

How the hell I am supposed to know all this? I don’t listen to the radio. I imagine this guy was amused since I must have been the only person he had meet in recent years who had no idea who he was talking about.



A dear friend from South Carolina who I have known since the 4th grade at Sheridan Elementary School in Orangeburg, SC, emailed me and said that President Obama knew who Katy was and that she had performed at the White House a few days back.

I had no idea since I don’t follow the social calender of the White House. As to the President knowing who she is, I told me friend that we both had to accept that President Obama was far more cool and more hip than I am. Or ever will be.

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