Beginning of World War One Not Cricket

 Battleship HMS Iron Duke

                                        HMS Iron Duke, flagship of the Grand Fleet 

                              (photo courtesy of the Royal Navy)


“Damned nuisance missing cricket week,” wrote one Royal Navy officer in his diary, upon hearing of the British Navy’s mobilization orders.


This mobilization was occasioned by the following signal:

Most Secret Naval Message of 4 August 1914 From Admiralty to senior Royal Navy Officers.

“Commence Hostilities Against Germany”


It was a ‘damned nuisance.’ Unfortunately, it would go on and on for a terrible four years, destroying much of Western Europe in the process.



The Rules of the Game: Jutland and British Naval Command by Andrew Gordon.

This book was recommended to me by several people whose knowledge of naval history I have great respect for. I read it, twice, it was so fascinating and filled with information I did not know.

If you have an interest in the Royal Navy and how the culture of that navy in the 20th Century in both world wars came to be then I commend this book to you without reservation.



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