How To Be A Successful Pickpocket


The Pickpocket’s Tale

One of New York’s Craftiest Thieves Recalls Four Decades of Expertly Lifting Wallets

by Joseph Goldstein of the New York Times

18 July 2014

Fascinating and well-written story in the New York Times last Friday about one of the last of the great pickpockets. Interviewed at length, Wilfred Rose, now 58, spent business career lifting wallets from people usually in the NYC subway. A retired detective from the NYPD who had worked the subway as a plainclothes officer working to apprehend pickpockets said that Mr Rose was one of the best. Alas, kids today don’t have the patience to learn how to become professional pickpockets, Mr. Rose laments.

Well worth your time reading. The article is here:

The Pickpocket’s Tale



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