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I did this video book review on Das Boot on my YouTube site three years ago and curiously it has received 3,000 hits, far more than any other of my 100 video book reviews except for several more which I put up.

Today (which is two days after I put this post up) I check it again on my blog and discovered that a second book reviewed appeared after the Das Boot review. I think that is because these are the two videos featured on my YouTube site.

The review of the book about the FW Condor has received almost as many hits as Das Boot. I think the reason is this: if Hitler escaped to South America, and I do not think he did nor do any reputable historians, but if he escaped the only possible way would have been on an FW 200 Condor. This was the only plane the Germans had which had the range to fly to South America and there were five of them at the Tempelhoff Airport in Berlin. These were concentrated there by Hitler’s personal pilot, Hans Bauer, or so he claims in his memoirs.

However, they were all destroyed. No Condors survived the war.


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