I Never Heard of Katy Perry Until Monday

I confess that I don’t follow popular culture very closely. This isn’t so much that I am a snob. It’s just that there are only so many hours in a day and I spend them either trying to get some writing work or business consulting work, or researching and writing my second novel, which is about a Royal Navy officer, or seeing friends.

On Monday I was in residence in my home-away-from-home, Filter Coffee House on 20th Street, NW, when I struck up a conversation with a guy about several unusual tattoos he had. Two of the more unusual were simply three letter codes. He said those were the airport codes for Birmingham AL and Nashville TN. Seems he lives in both places.

I made inquiry as to why this was so. He said he traveled all the time because he was a musician. Was he famous I asked. No. However, he told me he is a side guitarist for Katy Perry who performed in Washington DC last Wednesday night. Presumably it was clear from my expression that I had no idea who she was. “Is she a famous singer?”

He averred as to the truth of my question and seemed quite amused that I had no idea who he was talking about. I asked him to spell her name, since I kept saying, “Katie Berry,” which he kindly did.

I guess the people he meets barrage him with questions about this woman, whom I was subsequently told by friends was a famous singer, a very famous singer. Who can keep track of all these singers?  I told this guy, who could not have been more polite, that my knowledge of musicians sort of stopped with the Allman Brothers.

My fellow gay friends and my Filter friends all found it hilarious, although not surprising, that I had no idea who this Katy person was. Anyway, I was far more interested in how this guy, who was 26, had become a guitarist of such skill and how he had come to be a person who was on a world tour with this famous singer. To me as a writer, that was the interesting story I wanted to hear and it was.

Seems he has played the guitar since he was a lad and must play it damn well. Moved to Nashville a few years back and played for people for free then started getting paid for it. People discovered he was very talented and the rest is history. He did not say this about himself, BTW. I just presume it must be true.

As to Ms. Berry, I didn’t ask him anything about her since I’m not interested and all these famous singers seem to have the same sorts of lives. However, in the event you don’t know, Katy Perry is a famous singer.









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