The deadliest aircraft collision that never happened


Another interesting story from the Daily Mail of London

If this Los Angeles bound flight from Hawaii had collided with the other plane it barely missed– almost 600 Souls On Board would have died.

(SOB is airline/maritime speak for number of passengers on board).

* Writer Kevin Townsend was on board a Los Angeles bound flight from Hawaii that almost collided with another plane.

*Shortly after reaching cruising altitude, the pilot looked ahead and saw another plane approaching head on.

*The pilot dived and missed the plane, though its still uncertain why they entered each other’s air space and with so little warning.

*The deadliest aircraft collision happened in 1977 and claimed 583 lives.

*Townsend estimates that 590 could have died if his plane crashed.

By ASHLEY COLLMAN of the London Daily Mail
PUBLISHED: 23:25 EST, 14 May 2014 | UPDATED: 08:57 EST, 15 May 2014


A writer claims he was almost involved in a mid-air collision two weeks ago that could have been one of the deadliest air accidents ever. Kevin Townsend was flying from Hawaii to Los Angeles when he says his plane almost collided with another.

He estimates that 590 could have died if the pilot hadn’t veered out of the way of the on-coming jet, yet the near-miss hasn’t made the news. 


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