Inside the World War II wreck that was found at the bottom of the sea in 1977… and then lost again for another 30 years

Very cool story from the London Daily Mail 5.16.14 of a steamer sunk in the Black Sea in January of 1944. The photographs in this article are fascinating.




interior of sunken German steamer Durnstein sank Jan 1944 1

This is the inside of the Durnstein, which sank in the Black Sea in January 1944 on its way to Austria

Explains the Daily Mail:

*The Durnstein sank in a fierce storm in January 1944 on way to Austria
*60-metre-long steamer found in the Black Sea in 1977, 25 metres deep
*Divers returned in 2004, couldn’t find it, spent two years tracing the ship



steamer Durnstein

The navigator’s bookcase was discovered under a metre of silt in 2010, and maps and papers were brought to the surface after more than 60 years underwater



underwater photographer


Underwater photographer Andrey Nekrasov (pictured) explored the steamer which was ‘a green abyss’


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