Extra Large German World War II Tapestry To Be Auctioned in June

Interesting News for Collectors of 3rd Reich Memorabilia


While I have an academic interest in the history of the Third Reich I have never collected stuff which didn’t have a bearing on my research. But it is a hot area of collecting that is for certain.


From www.artfixdaily.com 14 May 2014

“A spectacular German World War II tapestry that probably hung in the Reichstag building in Berlin….will all be sold in Mohawk Arms’ Auction #71, a live and internet auction that ends June 13-14.

The Nazi Reichstag National Culture Gobelin tapestry is monumental in size (11 feet 10 inches by 10 feet 2 inches) and carries a minimum bid of $25,000. It is a visually arresting presentation of the Third Reich’s claim to be the legitimate heir to the Carolinigian Empire, showing shields, eagles and swastikas.”

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