Who Is The First Man Coming Down the Gangplank?

Who Is The First Man Coming Down the Gangplank?








Additional Information on this photograph which appeared in my post of 3  April 2014 titled:

Nemesis: Admiral Sir Max Horton and the Defeat of the U-Bootwaffe, Part One

you can find the entire post at the link below:



Thanks to sharp-eyed reader, Hans Saris, from the Netherlands, who sent me the email which I have copied and placed below the photograph. His email supplies lots of detail about the photograph for which I am indebted.





In my original post I had captioned the photograph above:  14 May 1945 German U-boat U-2326 surrenders to Naval Officer in Charge (NOIC) at Dundee. 

Writes Hans Saris:

In your article Nemesis, etc, there is a photo with a Dutch naval officer, an interpreter, leading German U-Boat officers down the gangway.

The sailor to the left is Dutch too. On his cap you can see the first letters of “Koninklijke Marine ” which means ; Royal Dutch Navy. 

The Dutch naval officer is : Ltz.1 J.F. van Dulm. From 10.05.1940 – 21.03.1944 he was Commanding Officer Hr.Ms. O 21 ( in command of this Dutch submarine, at the time stationed at Gibraltar, he sank the German U-95, commanded by Klt. Gert Schreiber, who became a p.o.w. )

From 04.09.1944 – 23.02.1946 J.F. van Dulm was the Senior Officer Dutch Submarines (Dundee).

Kind Regards,

Hans Saris


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