How Bent Prop Volunteers and Undersea Robots Found Long-Lost WWII Bombers

cool blog piece from CNET 20 April 2014


Drones Help Find Missing American Warplanes and Air Crews Lost in World War Two Battles Around  the Pacific Islands of Palau 


217 US Navy, Marine, and Army Air Corps planes went missing in action in the vicinity of Palau during 14 months of combat in 1944 and 1945.

36 Found by Bent Prop in Last 22 Years


Hundreds of families of Americans missing in action in Palau since World War II have long wondered what happened to their loved ones. Now cutting-edge oceanographic technology is helping find answers.

For 70 years, the waters off the island nation of Palau have hidden dozens of American planes shot down by the Japanese in World War II. Now a volunteer organization that’s been hunting for the planes since 1993 has teamed up with some of the world’s leading oceanographers and is applying the latest high-tech tools to the hunt.

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