German POWs Buried in Alabama

German POWs Buried in Alabama

Here is an article about German POWs who were some of the 350,000 held in the US. These men all died of natural causes and don’t include the ones who were hanged for beating to death an anti-Nazi German POW.


(Once the US Army provost marshal, who had custody of all POWs, realized that German and Nazi were not the same thing, the PMG made an attempt to put the anti-Nazis in separate camps).


German group visits local sites to remember prisoners of war

A small group of German citizens clustered at the prisoner of war cemetery at McClellan Monday and sang a song to honor fallen soldiers. 

Not one of them said they knew any of the 26 German soldiers or three Italian men who were buried at the site during World War II, but some fought tears. It was somber moment for the group, many of whom lost their fathers to the war before they were old enough to enter middle school. 

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