British shipbuilders axed because Poles are 30% cheaper: 300 workers on the Royal Navy’s new carriers laid off

Another Important Reason for the USA to subsidize the private shipyards which make US Navy and USCG warships. Building warships requires unique skills. We can’t subcontract out the building of our warships to other nations.




Computer-generated image issued by the Ministry of Defence of an aircraft carrier that is due to be built in Britain. In the past six weeks, around 300 Britons working on building two of the new warships for the Royal Navy have been sacked in favour of cheaper Polish workers. (Photo and caption courtesy of London Daily Mail)

Perhaps the British Government should subcontract out the entire Royal Navy to Poland and fire all their own officers and men since the officers and crew of the Polish Navy don’t make as much money as British officers and crew.



From the London Daily Mail

Tuesday 8 April

Hundreds of Britons who were building two aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy have lost their jobs because they were not as cheap as Polish workers, it was claimed last night.

In the past six weeks, around 300 Britons working on the £5.2billion warships have been sacked.

But none of the cut-price Poles has been laid off. They earn around £9.50 an hour while UK tradesmen doing similar jobs are paid £15 an hour.

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