Two Communications Systems On Missing Jet Deliberately Shut Off


From London Daily Mail

Officials ‘convinced’ two communications systems on missing jet were deliberately shut off 14-minutes apart as it emerges aircraft DID keep ‘pinging’ for hours after vanishing at 35,000 ft


Doomed: This picture emerged today of the plane which would later go missing while flying between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. (photo by Reuters courtesy of London Daily Mail).

From London Daily Mail

Malaysian Airways flight MH370 went missing on Saturday morning carrying 239 passengers.

Its last known position was above the South China Sea an hour into flying.

U.S. official said two separate communication systems were shut down ‘deliberately’ shortly after take-off.

Despite this, tracking signals or ‘pings’ were sent to British firms satellite from the plane for up to five further hours after it vanished. These pings show the plane’s altitude, height and speed.

According to US officials when the last ping was sent the plane was still flying at 35,000ft over water

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