Famed “Monuments Man” Who Inspired Movie About US Efforts To Save Precious Art in World War Two in Europe Dies


From the New York Times

George Stout

Monuments Man in War, Conservationist in Peace



George L. Stout, left, with other Monuments Men.


(photo courtesy of the New York Times)

article by Carol Kino of the NYT 19 March 2014

“BY now, much of the moviegoing world is familiar with “The Monuments Men,” an art-historical film that sees George Clooney…and other stars swashbuckling around Europe during World War II, trying to save masterpieces (of art)… from bombs and the clutches of German and Russian troops…..

Mr. Clooney’s debonair, mustachioed role was inspired by the real-life exploits of George L. Stout,

the American conservator who dreamed up the idea of sending art experts to war to protect Europe’s cultural treasures, as Robert M. Edsel recounts in the 2009 book on which the film was based. As depicted in the movie, Mr. Stout traveled to the front as part of the Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives Section of the Allied military effort, a detachment of eight men who tried to safeguard and repatriate monuments and artworks under fire. But like so many other veterans of the war effort, Mr. Stout rarely tooted his own horn about his wartime feats.”

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