German Heinkel 111 H-1 forced down by RAF Spitfire



Quite an interesting story from the blog of Coastrider. He happens to live in East Lothian, Scotland which is the township where my godfather lives.

On February 9th 1940 North Berwick had some unexpected visitors. A German Heinkel 111 H-1 of 5/KG 26 was forced down by RAF Spitfire pilot Squadron Leader Douglas Farquhar of 602 Squadron… Farquhar`s Spitfire fired 625 rounds at the Heinkel over Fife, damaging it`s port engine. The bomber lowered it`s undercarriage to signal it`s surrender and made for land, crash landing in a field SE of North Berwick…

Once again the entire fascinating story and dozens more pictures with detailed descriptions including how the plane was repaired by the RAF and used for training British pilots on how to shoot it down, can be found here:


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